AnxietyGroup Therapy

Anxiety can make you feel like you are all alone, and that no one can feel this way. But the truth is, you are not alone and people do feel anxious. When in a group you will be hearing from others who know what it’s like. This can make you feel less isolated and help you in finding new ways to deal with your nervous feelings.

Anxiety group therapy is where a bunch of people with anxiety get together and offers each other suggestions or ideas or general support. The support you get here helps in normalizing your struggle with anxiety and cope with your problems better.

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You may ask why a group therapy should help me overcome my problems, well here are few points about the benefits:

  • You can identify with others who share similar problems and feel less lonely about it.
  • You will be supporting others and receiving support from the group members.
  • You will become aware of your own feelings and needs and express them.
  • Connect with new people who share the same problems (even after the group therapy is over, you can keep making progress)
  • You can be doing a lot of experiments, to apply to self and others.
  • You will have trained professionals to facilitate the sessions and help you throughout the therapy.
  • In the session, you will feel anxious, and this is the safe haven to learn how to overcome anxiety.
  • Sharing your experiences with others with similar problems is often itself therapeutic.
  • You can model the successful behaviors of other members who have gone through similar experiences. Modeling is a great form of learning where you can learn by copying or imitating their actions.

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Do you know what you can do to get most out of the anxiety group therapy? Well, there are few steps which you can try to get the maximum benefits-

  1. Take a pledge: You need to take a pledge and write down what is that you want to work on and make sure you put in your 100% to overcome all fears.
  2. Participate: You need to commit to yourself that you will attend all the sessions no matter what. And you should talk, the more you talk the more you will benefit
  3. Share: Your experiences might help others share it and you will also feel better.

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