Suicide Prevention

1.Remembering my classmate!

It was June 2011 I first met my friend P in my class. He was a quiet student but was enthusiastic. He was an active participant in all cultural competitions, particularly skit and singing. An excellent stage performer and always lead the street plays on social awareness. I got to know him better when we attended an inter college fest for two days in Trichy. He sang songs a whole night and kept the entire group entertained. We always felt he was an intelligent one among the entire batch and will go places after college. In our final year, he arranged for a college tour to Goa. He was the organizer for the tour and handled the complete program with a dexterity that amazed everyone. Two days after we got back from the trip we were shaken by the news that my friend P had hung himself in his room. He had planned everything much before the trip and this trip was the way he chose to bid goodbye.

We never knew why our 22-year-old classmate did what he did and how did a class full of 30+ behavioural science students and their faculty failed to read any signs of struggle or issue in him. There were many theories on why he did what he did, some said he had started some startups while studying which ended up a badly hence this decision. What I did understand on that day is Suicide is not, nonverbal clue written on anybody's face nor can we stereotype that only sad-looking gloomy individual will indulge in such activity. Forever I will miss seeing that good friend of ours who never gave us the slightest thought that he would take such a drastic step.

--- Anonymous


There is more to life than Committing Suicide. You have a family and friends who love you unconditionally the immediate, impulsive action you take will impact the people you love and they will suffer by your absence for a lifetime. A momentary pain by Cutting your wrist for the emotional pain of/ for a few months will leave a wrong image/ reputation for the upcoming generation. You can be selfish but not in this making mistakes is okay but make

Sure not to repeat it.

Even if you do, there are people to help you rectify it. There is always time to change yourself for the better. Be brave! Be strong! Believe in yourself! Now is never late. You were born for a reason. I believe I was born to rule the world and I will one day!

--- Anonymous


BPD ore Dosdeseline Personality Disorder is. a Psychiatric disorder and I was diagnosed with this in 2015. People suffering from. BPD Seems very normal from outside but if not diagnosed and treated on time it may lead to serious issues Symptoms vary from person to person and I would like to share my Symptoms and experience with it. I used to become impulsive suddenly, I used to manipulate people Found me to get my things done and when was not getting that and get stressed, I used to have Suicidal thoughts. I used to attempt suicide but my parents used to save me every time. But Bone day I actually took some poison and I was admitted to the hospital. There was no chance of survival for me. But when I experienced the pain of death and the blessing of my parents I managed to Survive I understood the value of life. Suicide is never a solution. There is always a way out for every problem maybe sometime we should have a different approach and a different perspective.

Hope is a strength for us. Small hope we can reach our goal. And we should be aware that every disorder has a treatment for it. I started with my medication and therapy. With the help of my treating beam, I am much more stable now, impulsivity does not hit me so badly and even if I get impulsive thoughts I know the skills to deal with it. I don't get suicidal thoughts now even if I am stressed. proper medication therapy is very important on time and with this help, it is easy to deal with mental disorders. I feel blessed for my Supportive parents and treating beam for whom I managed to regain my health and personality. And I have to continue with this treatment process for few years Personality disorder can be managed and one suffering from it can live a healthy life.

--- Anonymous